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Reservations of accommodation are accepted subject to the following
Terms and Conditions of Hire and disclaimer.

1. Contract :all bookings will form a contract between the Hirer and the cottage owners. The accommodation is let for holiday purposes within the meaning paragraph 9 of the First Schedule to the Housing Act 1988, and there is no right of occupancy beyond the stated and agreed period.

All bookings are subject to final confirmation by the property owner.

2. Rental: Bookings for persons or groups under 21 years of age cannot be accepted.

3. Bookings / deposits: Upon receipt of your enquiry by email or telephone, a cottage can be provisionally booked. This will be held for a period of 24 hours only. A booking is confirmed with either a 50 or 100 part payment deposit.  This is part of the weekly rental to confirm a booking and is not a refundable security deposit.

Payment: Deposits are accepted by card online via the PayPal payment buttons or by posted cheque by arrangement. Balance payments are made to cottage owners 6 weeks before the holidays or as soon as possible if within 6 weeks by BACS bank transfer or cheque.

Security deposits - a few owners require a refundable security deposit - this will be noted on the property details and will be paid directly to the owner with the balance of payment.

4. Damage / Extra cleaning: All bookings are accepted on the condition that the cottage is left in the same state of repair, order and cleanliness both inside and outside as at the start of the holiday, should you not have time to leave the cottage as you found it, there will be an additional charge of 30. It is agreed that the person who made the booking will pay for breakage and / or damage and cleaning if so required. All breakages should be reported to the owners and minor damage should be noted in writing at the termination of the stay. Some cottages have a refundable security deposit payable to the owners (see details for the specific cottage)

5. Sleeping Capacity: The maximum number of people allowed is clearly stated on the particulars and extra persons cannot be accommodated under any circumstances.

6. Availability: The Hiring Contract is made on the understanding that the cottage and its facilities as published on the internet will be available for the dates stated. In the unlikely event that the cottage is not available through events arising out of the control of the agents or owners, then a booking may be cancelled.

The hirer will be advised of any such circumstances as early as possible, and the deposit will be refunded in full by West Wales cottages. Any balance of payment paid to the owners, will be refunded by the owners with the Hirer having no further claim against the agents or the owner. West Wales cottages will not be liable for any payments made directly to owners

7. Occupation times: Tenancies commence after 4 pm (unless otherwise specified on the website), on the commencement date of the tenancy and terminate at 10.00 am on the leaving date. This is to ensure that the cottage can be properly prepared for the subsequent guests.

8. Access to cottage: The cottage Owner or his/her agents shall be allowed access to the holiday accommodation or grounds at any reasonable time during any holiday occupancy. It is sometimes necessary to carry out maintenance or gardening during a period of occupation.

9. Pets. If a dog or dogs are permitted, this will be clearly stated in the particulars for the cottage booked. Bringing a dog or dogs to a cottage that does not accept pets would constitute a breach of contract (see: paragraph 17). This also applies to any visitors to the property.

If dogs are permitted, then hirers must bring their own dog bedding, and not allow dogs on the furniture or in the bedrooms. A dog must not be left unattended in the property under any circumstances. Dogs must be walked away from the property and must not be allowed to foul the rental property or grounds. Additional charges may be made for bringing a dog or dogs (see details for each property).

10. Linen: If bed linen is supplied, this will be clearly stated in the details for the cottage booked. Duvets and pillows are provided in each cottage if bed linen is not supplied.

11. Statutory regulations: The owners will be responsible for complying with all applicable Statutory Regulations and Discrimination Acts affecting customers, the cottage, and its equipment,

12. Smoking: Smoking is not allowed inside the cottage. If guests wish to smoke in the garden area, then they should not leave cigarette litter on the premises. Smoking in a cottage constitutes a breach of contract (see: paragraph 17).

13. Special Needs: If the hirer has special requests or needs, the hirer is responsible for advising West Wales Cottages at the time of booking, although West Wales Cottages cannot guarantee that any requests will be met. Failure to meet special requests will not be a breach of contract. It is the hirer's responsibility to ensure that the cottage is completely suitable for their needs. Please note that if a particular feature or facility is not specified on the Website then it may not be provided.

14. Cancellation by guests more than 6 weeks before the holiday: Any deposit of 50 or less is not refundable, but can subsequently be used as a deposit for a future holiday booked directly with West Wales Cottages or West Wales Caravans and booked within 6 months from the date of cancellation. If the deposit is greater than 50, then a 50 cancellation fee will apply, and the balance of the deposit will be returned. The cancellation fee can subsequently be used as a deposit for a future holiday booked directly with West Wales Cottages or West Wales Caravans and booked within 6 months from the date of cancellation.

Cancellation by guests within 6 weeks of a holiday: If cancellation occurs for any reason within 6 weeks of the start of the holiday, the hirer should advise West Wales Cottages immediately by telephone or e-mail followed by a confirmatory letter. Upon receipt of such letter (but without any obligation to the hirer) West Wales cottages will attempt to obtain a replacement letting, and if such a letting is obtained, then the owner will refund to the hirer any monies paid less the deposit. If West Wales cottages are unable to re-let, then the owners of the cottage shall be entitled to retain any balance payments already made. We advise hirers to arrange cancellation and holiday insurance with the insurer of their choice to cover any eventuality.

Cancellation by owner. In the very unlikely event that an owner cancels a booking, than the owner will reimburse the hirer any payments previously made, West Wales Cottages is not liable for any costs associated with such a cancellation, or with alternative accommodation, which must be paid for by the Holidaymaker.

Non payment of balance: In the event of balance of rental payments not being made by the due date, and when the hirer makes no request for additional payment time, the holiday dates will be re-advertised and no refund will be given. We advise hirers to arrange cancellation and holiday insurance with the insurer of their choice to cover any eventuality.

15: External factors: West Wales Cottages and the cottage owners have no control over, and cannot be held liable for external factors that could possibly affect a Holiday such as the weather, local traffic, local events, neighbours, children playing, availability and speed of broadband, electricity, gas and water supply and the vagaries of television and mobile phone reception, or any financial losses incurred as a result of external factors.

16. Breach of contract: If there is a material breach of any of these conditions by the Hirer or any of their party, the Owners or agents reserve the right to re-enter the cottage, and / or end the letting and require the hirer and their party to leave immediately without refund.

17.Complaints: Every effort has been made to ensure that hirers have an enjoyable holiday. If however, the hirer has any cause for complaint, then they must contact the cottage owner or agents immediately if any problem arises so that it can be speedily resolved. The cottage owners cannot subsequently consider any complaints or enter into any correspondence about the complaint unless this procedure has been followed. If guests choose to terminate their holiday early for any reason and the above procedure has not been followed, then the owners are entitled to retain the full rental payment already made.

18. Data protection and Privacy: Information provided on Booking Forms will remain confidential and will not be disclosed to a third party or used for any other purpose.

19. Cleaning and maintenance of the cottage - West Wales cottages act only as booking agents and have no responsibility for the cleaning and maintenance of each cottage. This is entirely the responsibility of the owners and all questions regarding cleaning and maintenance should be addressed to the owners.

20. Liability: West Wales cottages acts as agent for the cottage owners and cannot accept any liability for any shortcomings or defects within, outside, with the contents, or other facilities ancillary to the cottage. Further West Wales cottages cannot accept any liability for any act, or omission by the owners or anyone acting on their behalf. As we act as agents on behalf of the owners and the hirer West Wales cottages do not have any liability for loss or damage arising from the owners breach of contract, negligence or misrepresentation.

As noted in paragraph one, the hirers contract is directly with the owner of the property.

Note: West Wales cottages relies on information submitted to us by the holiday cottage owners and we publish it in good faith. Visitors should be aware that the information may be incomplete, inaccurate or may have become out of date. Information given is for guidance only and should not be relied upon. No representation or warranty is given as to the accuracy or completeness of the information. All the information published is reviewed and approved by the holiday cottage owner prior to publishing. In the unlikely case that you find there has been an inaccurate description of a cottage then please contact West Wales cottages and we will amend it.

Terms and Conditions West Wales Cottages 2017